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Real Property Tax History Search

This service will allow you to search the data by Parcel Number or Owner name and/or the parcel address. When using the Search by Name enter all or part of the last name. To minimize the returned search results you may use both name and address search criteria.

Search by OLD Parcel Number:
OR by NEW Parcel Number:
Examples of Parcel Searches:
(Format for Old Parcel Search, which uses parcel numbers from 1978 mylars )
(Format for New Parcel Search, which uses parcel numbers based on the County's GIS )

Search by Name:
Search by Address:

         Street No.:

         Street Name:
Examples of Name Searches:     Doe J (Do not use commas or periods)
Examples of Address Searches:
  Do not enter street direction prefix or suffix (North South East West)
  Do not enter street designator (Avenue, Boulevard, Street, Etc.)
Example 1:Property location is North Goose Creek Boulevard
      Enter: Goose Creek
Example 2: Property location is West Point Drive
      Enter: West Point (In this example "West" is part of the street name)
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